Information about MRC

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) coordinates volunteer health professionals, as well as other citizens with an interest in health issues, to provide ongoing support for community public health needs and resources during large-scale emergencies, such as assisting emergency response teams, providing care to victims with less serious injuries, and removing other burdens that inhibit the effectiveness of physicians and nurses.

In 2005, Delaware embraced the MRC and its community. Through a series of mutual briefing’s and meetings Delaware Citizen Corps worked with Christiana Care and the State Department of Public Health and facilitated the establishment of two MRC units. The Christiana Care Medical Corps is composed of both medical professionals and support people. They meet on a monthly basis and are extremely active in preparedness training. Their primary focus has been the establishment of an Acute Care Center during the time of an extreme emergency or disaster. They also participated in a state exercise with the Department of Public Health.

If you are interested in participating in the Medical Reserve Corps please contact the coordinators below:

Christiana Care Medical Reserve Corps